Our Treatments

Natural Harmony therapies holistic approach and highly effective, personalised treatments will return the balance and well-being to your life. Break free from chronic pain and the physical and emotional manifestations of anxiety and stress. Regain a sense of internal calmness and well-being, or simply take time out to relax.

A therapeutic treatment tailored to your specific needs, whether that’s relaxation using calming Swedish strokes, or Deep Tissue techniques to target specific pain.

Bring the body back in to balance with this simple postural re-alignment protocol. Alleviate pain, boost energy and enhance sports performance. 

A relaxing and restorative treatment modified depending on your stage of pregnancy and well-being. From 3 months onwards. 

A gentle but powerful treatment using very light touch. Affects the central nervous system to reduce pain and improve function in the whole body.

The gentle giant of massage. Deep, powerful and blissfully relaxing. The perfect massage combo

A Japanese technique to promote the body’s own ability to heal on physical, mental and emotional levels by rebalancing the chakras. Suitable for all.