Had my first Holistic Massage with Nikki tonight and it was amazing. Feel relaxed and chilled. Very attentive and hit all the right spots. Will defo be back and may even try other therapies.
— Katie Mcleod
I have now had two sessions of KCR and the difference is amazing. Initally I went to see Nikki as I had pulled a ligament in my knee but the difference she has made to my lower back aswell is tremendous.
I have been going to a physio on a regular basis for years but after just two sessions I feel better than ever.I cannot recommend Natural Harmony Therapies enough.
— Elaine McMahon
I badly damaged my knee whilst cycling. I had been to doctors, physio and sport clinic which did not resolve the problem and was very slow progress.
Nikki gave me KCR treatment followed by soft tissue release. My leg was misaligned from my hip to my toes. Nikki put this right as well as working the soft tissue around my knee.
The result was that I was able to start cycling again albeit slowly. Before KCR I was in constant pain. For any cyclist I would highly recommend KCR as a first choice of treatment.
I would go back to Nikki as she is very warm and professional and instils confidence. After the treatment I felt very positive.
— Trystan Turner
Having had a stressful time recently, was needing some me-time. Had reiki & a hot stone massage. Amazing!! Nikki is warm, friendly & professional. I came out walking on cloud 9. Haven’t been that relaxed in years. She gave me great after care advice. Will definitely be going back & interested in trying some of Nikki’s other therapies.
— Kirsty Hubbard
I suffered from niggly, persistent (4 weeks +) pain in my neck/shoulder area which was beginning to wake me in the middle of the night. Since having one session with Nikki, I am pain-free now, thanks so much!
— Tony Dickson
Just had a hands free massage.....all I can say is WOW 😀 It was so relaxing and the tension has melted away. I’ll definitely be returning for more 😃 Thank You Sooo Much Nikki.
— Mandy Coxhead
After just one session of KCR with Nikki I can’t believe the difference. My chronic neck and back pain has eased significantly, I am straighter, walking better, and definitely have more energy. I also had an uncontrollable shaking of both knees when going downstairs. This has now gone. I can’t recommend this therapy enough if you are suffering pain. The minute you get off the table you will feel different - lighter & younger! Nikki is a lovely lady who I instantly felt at ease with too. Don’t delay and just put it down to “oh its just my age” Nikki will work her magic!! I would give her 10 stars if I could.
— Lesley Mullen
I highly recommend Nikki for therapeutic treatments. I’ve had Hot Stone, KCR & Level 1 Reiki Attunement. Nikkies far the best therapist iv had so close to home. From the first time I met Nikki about a year ago I felt her positive energy. Not only very down to earth as well as very trust worthy Nikkies warm hearted & extremely knowledgeable in her treatments and helping one towards easing pain physically & emotionally. Huge thanks Nikki see you soon ❤
— Sarah Gavin
Can’t thank Nikki enough. 6 years of pain and using walking stick and a wheelchair, 1 session with nikki and I could actually walk to the car with no help and massively reduced pain. Booking more appointments now. I had to pay her more as she charged too little!
— Christine Eckford
Just had my first ever Kinetic Chain Release Therapy and WOW what a difference. Suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and I’ve never felt so flexible and relaxed in a long time. Even got my wiggle back when I walk . Nikki is lovely and puts you at ease. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Nikki
— Gillian Brannan
Great full body massage and my back feels a lot better ! Would defo recommend to anyone
— Samantha Lee
Had a KCR done yesterday by Nikki and feel great today. My neck was always stiff and sore but today it’s better. After all the positions Nikki had me in I thought I would wake up sore today but no I feel great. Thanks once again Nikki x
— Archie Mackay
Have been having KCR now with Nikki for a few months and it has made such a difference! It made such an improvement not only to my injury but also my mood and energy after getting the treatment. She makes you very comfortable and takes time to find the best way to treat you- can highly recommend!
— Amber Murray
I have received KCR and Massage from Nikki, both of which I would highly recommend. As well as being fabulous at what she does, Nikki is a great listener and a really beautiful person with a big heart.
— Philippa Nicholl
Had a few KCR sessions and Craniosacral therapy for back problems. I honestly cannot believe how much this has helped with pain relief and generally feeling better within myself. Thank you so much Nikki and will see you soon :)
— Dee Hislop
Having suffered from neck, shoulder and back pain for over a decade one visit to Nikki made me feel sooooo much better. I’ve had KCR and Craniosacral Therapy along with massage and would HIGHLY recommend these treatments. Looking forward to my next one already. Thanks Nikki
— Rhona Tait
My partner arrived to see Nikki last week with sciatica, he could hardly sit in the car to get there. Diazepam, cocodamol, anitryptiline and naproxen from the doctors didn’t help. One KCR treatment and he was standing straighter, sitting more comfortably and able to walk a bit better. He returned to see Nikki yesterday and was left with a pain in his hip which after a walk with the dogs, albeit a shorter walk than they are used to, the pain in the hip subsided. Improvements continuing but thank you Nikki highly recommend the treatment. He will be back just to keep his posture straight hopefully he won’t have to go through this again.
— Tricia Geraghty
Had KCR almost 6 weeks ago and still feeling great. Spent most of the year trying to alleviate pain from having issues with my pelvis. Had eight weeks of physio and acupuncture followed by a steriod injection in my tailbone. Diagnosed with Coccydynia. My session with Nikki was very thorough and Nikki explained what she was doing throughout. Next day I had a boost of energy and felt balanced and aligned. No pain since so would highly recommend KCR. I would do another session just to get the boost of energy. Many thanks Nikki. :)
— Lesley Sim Armit
I should start by saying that when i first heard of KCR i was very cynical. I work within a medical environment and as a result i held a negative opinion of alternative therapies. After a sprain to my lower lumbar region which turned into sciatica i began taking physiotherapy and medication. The medication dulled the pain and physio if anything made my pain worse. My partner suggested KCR and after one session “throughout which i was still sceptical” i felt almost completely better. The pain has all but gone and as an added bonus numerous other issues i have, have been alleviated such as; my posture has improved as has my joint mobility. I could not be more surprised and happy with my results. Never have i been so wrong yet happy to be so.
— Ricky Moffat
I had a KCR session with Nikki after suffering from sciatica every day for the best part of 3 months. Within a week I’ve already stopped taking painkillers and the pain has more or less gone. I’ve since had a small top up session and treated myself to a full body hot stone massage, the only word for this is amazing. I would highly recommend Nikki for both KCR and massage and look forward to my next visit.
— Susanne Craik
I have been suffering from Sciatica for a year now. It has been a long year and have been in agony for most of it. 2 sessions of KCR and I feel so much better. This is amazing and with Nikki as my therapist I know I’m going to beat this. You really have to try this!!
— Judy Irons
Totally recommend the pregnancy massage, so relaxing and that was even before massage began due to expert positioning of pillows for comfort and support! Thank you and see you very soon for next appointment.
— Laura McTurk
Had an amazing hot stone full body massage yesterday. Thanks Nikki, I was relaxed and chilled out afterwards, just as predicted. Will definitely be back. Good luck in your new location
— Tracey Swan
Had the BEST 90 minute pregnancy massage on Thursday here! Wowee felt like a new woman afterwards!! :) thoroughly recommend!
— Neen Lambert
48 hours and no still no sciatica pain. I have had sciatica for five years but really severe since last July at times unable to stand. Nine months of NHS physio and private BUPA physio and acupuncture that didn’t help and after one session with Nikki she has done in one hour what they couldn’t. thank you Nikki
— Margaret Faulkner
Great service from nikki. Had reiki on Saturday which was amazing, nice relaxing atmosphere and treatment. Nikki is very professional and friendly. Booked in for my next treatment
— Stacey Aitken
I had a reiki treatment with Nikki in December and the treatment was wonderful. I lost a discomfort in my spleen that had been present for over four years. I also felt a sexual release and my libido has increased greatly since the treatment. I am amazed by the results and am looking forward to attending again for Kinetic Chain Release. I can highly recommend Nikki. She is extremely down to earth and I felt really comfortable expressing myself and speaking about personal problems and illness relevant to the therapy.
— Trish Dickson
I hadn’t realised how uneaven my shoulders were till I had one KCR treatment with Nikki. After just one session and my back is completely straight. I am a completely satisfied and happy client.
— Ana Martinez-Banco
Had KCR treatment done by Nikki, lovely atmosphere, came out feelingamazing, it took away a lot of my pains completely and dramatically reduced all other symptoms, would highly recommend.
— Shona Campbell
I suffer from lower back pain on and off. The pain started again a few weeks ago, following some falls and the final straw was carrying a rather large and heavy dog!! Nikki offered to try Kinetic Chain Release therapy. I can be very sceptical about these types of treatments, but I can honestly say my lower back pain is gone for the moment. Brilliant. :)
— June McCubbin
After having a limp and living with hip pain for years I received a treatment from Nikki which has given me a new lease of life and I am now pain free and more energetic. Fantastic, friendly service, highly recommended.
— Yvonne Meikle
Kinetic Chain Release is a must for almost everyone. I have just had my first ever KCR and highly recommend it to anyone especially done by Nikki Whyte who has an amazing talent. I feel like I am floating.
— Patricia Murray
Great treatment , left me feeling invigorated. Excellent service, highly recommended.
— Kenny Meikle
Amazing hot stone massage in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere!
— Rebecca Gallagher
Professional & fantastic therapist. Nikki helps restore body & mind. Recommend her to anyone with tension or aches & pains or in need of rebalancing.
— Fiona Duffy
I cannot recommend Nikki enough. I feel so much better and de-stressed, thank you :) Fantastic, friendly service too.
— Laura Murray
Wow, KCR treatment , I like trying something new Nikki explained KCR to me and told me the feedback she had been given from previous clients, I wanted to try this. Amazing, I did not know that 30 minutes with Nikki and KCR could leave me feeling, looser (in the nicest way), walking taller, more flexible and what a wonderful nights sleep, Planning on more sessions. Thanks Nikki, you are a star
— Bernadette Vercoe
I have had both KCR and reiki with Nikki and felt amazing after both treatments. I suffer from back problems and really found that the KCR helped both in movement and pain. The reiki was deeply relaxing, and I went in feeling low in energy and tired, and afterwards I felt so reinvigorated and was ready for the rest of my day. I would whole heartedly recommend Nikki and her treatments.
— Rebecca Baxter
Can totally recommend the hot stone full body massage it’s amazing !! Thankyou felt totally relaxed and chilled out.
— Linda Hammel
I attended for treatment, suffering from a severe lower back problem, having twisted the back getting down from my truck. To be able to move at all, I had to take Tramadol, which eased the pain sufficiently to move. Nikki explained the treatment to me in detail, then started the treatment - Kinetic Chain Release. Initially I wondered if the treatment was going to work, for Nikki never spent time on the area of pain. Halfway through, I found I could move with considerably less pain. By the end, I could move with no pain. Would I recommend Nikki and Natural Harmony Therapies? I have booked another appointment, to address a different problem, just 4 days after today, so Monday.Overall, Nikki knew her treatments by heart and wholly believed in her cures. With a great personality and strong hands, in a relaxing environment, I knew I was in safe hands. I would strongly recommend this young lady and her Natural Harmony Therapies, why suffer pain, Nikki can cure you!
— Raymond Elliott